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Our ingredients are foundational to the quality and integrity of our recipes. We take great care and consideration into what we put in our products. We seek out local, seasonal, organic, fresh, alive, responsibly wildcrafted, artisanal, and edible botanicals and herbs. 

Years of study have gone into our formulations. We aspire to create the most potent, pure, and beneficial healing combinations to care for our bodies.  

We value transparency and are proud to share with our customers exactly what goes into our products and where they came from. 

Below are some of our main ingredients, how they are sourced, as well as their healing attributes.


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Our olive oil is sourced from the Douro region of Portugal where some of the best olive oils in the world are made.

Extra virgin olive oil is made by crushing olives and extracting the juice. It is simply fresh, healthy olives which contain all the beneficial nutrients that olive oil is famous for.

Extra virgin is the highest quality olive oil classification. It must be produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, and under temperatures that will not degrade the oil.

Cold-pressed olive oil is packed with antioxidants which helps minimise environmental skin damage and works as an excellent skin firmer and moisturiser. It is an age old beauty secret due to it's ability to help replenish and restore the skin’s balance, elasticity, and hydration, as well as prevent premature ageing.


Local Beeswax

Our beeswax is certified organic and locally sourced.

When applied to the skin, beeswax forms a protective barrier that helps protect it from environmental damage, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness. Unlike ingredients made from petroleum, however, beeswax doesn’t “suffocate” the skin, and won’t clog pores.

Beeswax is high in vitamin A, which encourages healthy skin cell production and works as a natural humectant, to help your skin stay hydrated over time.


Organic Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis)



Calendula can significantly boost the appearance of your skin. It affects blood flow to the skin cells, providing antioxidant protection that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and even the visibility of scars.

Due to it's anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties, it is commonly used to help soothe dermatitis and heal wounds.

If you want smooth, even-toned skin that glows with youthful vitality, consider the sweet magic of calendula.


Organic Green Tea Leaves (Camelia sinensis)

Green tea can help protect the skin from UV rays because of it's high catechin content, specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which may even help to prevent skin cancer. As the major polyphenolic compound in green tea responsible for its healing and protective powers, EGCG is especially potent with 25 to 100 times the antioxidant power of vitamins A, C and E. EGCG helps the skin’s immune system, delays cellular ageing and soothes sensitive, irritated skin. Green tea works as a sun protector by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays.

Our green tea is sourced from Chá Gorreana, located on São Miguel Island in Açores. It is the oldest, and currently the only tea plantation in Europe. Founded in 1883, Chá Gorreana is a family business that has been cultivating tea using original methods from the ancient Orient for five generations.


Ho Family Dit Da Jow

Chronic Injury and Pain Formula (Ho Family Dit Da Jow) is very strong in its action to manage pain and arthritic stiffness, tissue strains, nerve damage and soreness, and is quite effective for sinew injuries. This potent formula has nice balance of both healing and conditioning properties.

Ho Family is a very large formula, especially for an injury liniment. Its ingredients include an arsenal of herbs found commonly in both injury and conditioning formulas. It is fantastic for injuries of all kinds.

Therapeutic Actions:
- Disperses blood stasis
- Reduces swelling
- Relieves pain
- Connects bones
- Facilitates healing/strengthening of connective tissue and bone
- Safe and natural stimulant action
- Invigorates and improves circulation
- Improves hemorrheological changes
- All around tonic effect on the circulatory system
- Anticoagulant
- Desensitization of nerves that transmit pain signals to brain
- Promotes nourishment in the channels and tendons
- Expels pus
- Generates flesh

Common Uses:
- Bruises/Contusions
- Swelling, redness and pain, inflammation
- Tendon injuries

- Sprains
- Strains
- Varicose veins
- Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and joint/muscle pain
- Blood clots
- Nerve damage, numbness

Sourced indigenously, Ho Family Remedy uses geo-authentic herbs that are sulphur-free and lab-tested for potency.


Lavender Mont Blanc Essential Oil (Lavendula angustifolia)

Lavender Mont Blanc is of the most potent lavender in the world; often called 'High Altitude', due to the intense sunlight and fresh air it receives on the slopes of Mont Blanc in France. Mont Blanc generally has a higher level of Linalyl Acetate (one of the key components of lavender), prized for it's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Lavender is commonly used to treat mental fatigue, depression, nervous tension, insomnia, bee stings, insect bites and various skin conditions from eczema to acne.


Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha × piperita)

Peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint and is native to Europe. This antimicrobial herb has been known for its medicinal uses, and its impressively long history often gives it the prestigious title as the world’s oldest medicine.

The health benefits of peppermint oil include its ability to treat indigestion, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, as well as pain. The analgesic properties of peppermint help make our Healing Balm an even more powerful pain reliever.

Our 100% pure peppermint oil is organic and steam-distilled.


Cardamom Essential Oil (Elettaria cardamomum)

Commonly referred to as the ‘Queen of Spices’. Cardamom has been used as both a medicine and a spice since the fourth century BCE. It is the third most expensive spice in the world, after vanilla and saffron. In ancient Greece and Rome, cardamom was a symbol of luxury and was often used in social ceremonies. Egyptians used it in perfumes and incense.

Cardamom essential oil is an effective remedy for headaches and acts as a tonic for the nervous system. It is especially good for soothing nervous tension and increasing concentration. It helps strengthen the spirit with more courage, direction, clarity, and enthusiasm.

Cardamom essential oil can renew skin cells and reduce signs of ageing. It helps promote skin elasticity, protect the skin from environmental and UV damage, and keep you looking young and radiant. It also naturally tones the skin and minimises pores.

Our 100% pure cardamom oil is organic and steam-distilled.


Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cymbopogon citratus)

The health benefits of lemongrass essential oil can be attributed to its beneficial properties as an analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, fungicidal, insecticidal, nervine, sedative, and tonic.

Lemongrass oil has antiseptic and astringent properties that help give your skin a beautiful, even glow.It also sterilises your pores, is a natural toner and strengthens elasticity of the skin.

Lemongrass has antimicrobial properties which make it an inhibitor of microbial and bacterial growth in the body, both internally and externally. Not to mention it's amazing fragrance works as a natural mood enhancer to help brighten your spirits.

Our 100% pure lemongrass oil is organic and steam-distilled.


Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia serrata)

Frankincense, considered "liquid gold" of ancient times is one of the most valued essential oils in the world. Egyptians used the leaves of the frankincense to purify their home, for religious purposes, and the oil for cosmetics. Frankincense serrata is the oldest of all the different frankincense varieties, leading many to believe it is the one referred to in the Bible as well as so widely used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Frankincense essential oil is distilled from the resin of the Boswellia tree that grows in many regions within northern Africa and the Middle East. It has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant abilities that induce the feeling of peace and relaxation. The sweet and calming aroma of this magical oil removes the negative thoughts and improves intuition.

Frankincense oil has the ability to protect the skin from breakouts and premature ageing skins like wrinkles and scars. It has powerful astringent qualities that help in reducing the appearance of acne, blemishes, and wrinkles.

We use 100% pure, steam-distilled frankincense oil.


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (Anthemis nobilis)

Roman chamomile is native to western and southern Europe. It is often referred to as the ‘plant’s physician’ due to its ability to have positive effects on sickly plants that grow near it.

The same way you can drink chamomile tea to relax, you can use chamomile oil to calm your skin. It soothes redness and irritation in a matter of seconds and is heralded for its anti-inflammatory action. It can be used to help calm inflamed skin and to ease arthritis, headaches, sprains and muscle aches.

Roman chamomile essential oil keeps skin looking young and healthy. It can reduce the look of redness, rashes, eczema, acne, bruises, burns, minor wounds, and other irritations. It can also help reduce the risk of infection due to its antiseptic properties.

Our chamomile oil is 100% pure and steam-distilled.


Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

According to ancient Indian medicinal scripts dating back to 500 BC, zinc oxide was first used in a burn and wound salve called Pushpanjan. Zinc oxide has been used for many years in the skin care industry due to its numerous benefits. It can be found in over-the-counter and RX acne treatments, calamine lotions, as a dietary supplement and in broad spectrum sunscreens.

Non-nano zinc oxide is not micronized (a nano particle will enter the blood stream but a non-nano will not, or that reason, non-nano is safer) and sits on top of the skin as a protective barrier; scattering, reflecting, and absorbing the sun's UVA and UVB rays without seeping into pores or leaving behind a thick white film. It is known to be the safest compound to protect from sun damage.

Non-nano zinc oxide offers broad spectrum sun protection that scatters UVA 1, UVA 2 and UVB sun rays, which fends off sunburns, skin cancer, UV skin damage and dark sun spots. It is well tolerated on sensitive skin and safe for babies.


Cold-Pressed Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus idaeus)

Raspberry seed oil is rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids), primarily linoleic and linolenic acids. It contains very high levels of tocopherols (Vitamin E), which act as antioxidants, and carotenoids (Vitamin A).

They also contain ellegic acid (another antioxidant), which prevents early wrinkles and boosts your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, which firms the skin and gives your face a more youthful appearance.


Pure Carrot Seed Essential Oil (Daucus carota)

Carrot seed essential oil is derived from steam distillation of carrot seeds from the Wild Carrot plant (also known as Queen Anne's Lace). It has a high carotol content which breathes new life into dull skin cells while helping to minimise wrinkles and fine lines. This is because it is rich in caretenoid antioxidants, which fight off free radicals that can be damaging to the skin.

Both dry and oily skin types can be balanced out using the power of carrot seed oil. It naturally regulates the skin’s sebum production, which prevents too little or excess sebum on the skin. It is also a very good sunburn soother. It has skin healing properties that restore damaged skin cells and promote cell renewal.


Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil (Ricinus communis)

Castor oil is wonderful for healing skin inflammation that can be caused by sunburns, acne, and dryness. When applied, it penetrates deeply into the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This helps delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and makes the skin smoother, softer, and more vibrant.

Castor oil is often used for fading blemishes and scars. It works slowly in this regard and needs to be used regularly to see prominent results. The fatty acids present in castor oil penetrate deep into scar tissue and plump it out while encouraging the growth of healthy tissues around it. It is so effective that dermatologists recommend castor oil to treat uneven skin tone and blemishes because of its ability to reduce pigmentation.

Castor oil is packed with fatty acids, specifically omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3s hydrate the skin, while stimulating the growth of healthy tissue, thus giving you smooth, toned and supple skin.


Lavender Mont Blanc Essential Oil (Lavendula angustifolia)

Lavender Mont Blanc is of the most potent lavender in the world; often called 'High Altitude', due to the intense sunlight and fresh air it receives on the slopes of Mont Blanc in France. Mont Blanc generally has a higher level of Linalyl Acetate (one of the key components of lavender), prized for it's anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Lavender is commonly used to treat mental fatigue, depression, nervous tension, insomnia, bee stings, insect bites and various skin conditions from eczema to acne.