May we heal through the embodiment of our true nature.


"Alchemy understands that to heal is to evolve, and to evolve is to heal. True healing is not just a lack of symptoms, but a transformational process that touches the core of who we are, reintegrating us with the archetypal forces and patterns of nature externally and internally."

- Sajah Popham

Alchemical Herbalism was the Celestial Medicine of ancient Egypt and foundation of Greek Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Unani Tibb, Physiomedicalism, Homeopathy and many indigenous healing traditions.

The art of Alchemy is expressed through the reflection and mimicry of the macrocosm within the microcosm, demonstrating the energetic architecture of Nature via The Seven Planets, the Five Elements, and the Three Philosophical Principles.

It is through the eyes of Nature that we comprehend the language of plants via their unique patterning, energetic signatures and archetypal expressions. And it is through the recognition of these patterns that we then understand how to strategically align plants with people for their attunement and well being. I truly believe that for every ailment, there is a plant who holds the cure. Your inhale is literally the exhale of the flora and visa-versa. We are symbiotically connected in deep intimacy.

The ancient technology of Alchemical herbalism reunites spirit with science, embodying the elements of the earth and celestial relationships between plants and planets to make potent, transformational medicine.

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