The human body is vapor materialized by sunshine and mixed with
the life of the stars.
- Paracelsus
Vitalist Herbalism - One to One

Awakening your inner Alchemist

INITIAL HOLISTIC EVALUATION: In depth consultation to learn your unique human blueprint, encompassing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Time commitment: 3 hrs in person or online

WEEKLY SESSIONS: We meet once a week, working with Vitalist Herbalism tools and methodologies to create new habits that carve pathways to support your healing and ability to thrive. We work with the intention of cultivating a strong sense of physical embodiment and delicately attuned awareness of your internal systems, so that you are empowered to ultimately be your own healer.
Time commitment: 60 min session in person or online

METAMORPHOSIS: This is a sincere commitment to your own transformative healing process, in which the ecosystem of your body, mind and spirit are nourished and tended to using the wisdom of Vitalist Herbalism philosophy. A unique wellness map is designed for you based on 5 element theory and the Western Alchemical Tradition. We incorporate nutritional guidance, custom formulated herbal medicine, biorhythm alignment, astro-herbalism, dreamwork, depth psychology, somatic practices for nervous system support, breath work, qigong, meditation and physical conditioning.

HERBAL PROTOCOL: Your custom herbal formulas are included with the program. Herbs are respectfully wildcrafted or sourced from a local family's biodynamic herb farm. Everything is harvested and prepared by hand in the traditional alchemical tradition in which the celestial cycles are honored.

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