Kitty Davis
Groundwork Protocol

Biorhythm Attunement

  1. Rise with the sun and unwind with the sun - turn your phone on airplane mode when the sun dips below the horizon. Avoid artificial light after sunset, especially screens. Candlelight is ideal. Turn off the WIFI in the house at sunset. If there are streetlights, close the curtains or do what is needed to block out the light. Begin getting ready for bed around 9pm and get your body into a horizontal position by 10pm.
  2. Take the time you need in the morning to attune inward, walk outside and expose your skin and eyes to sunlight before turning on the phone.
  3. Get out in nature daily. Even if it's for a short walk.
  4. Move your body every day anytime between 9-11am to get circulation flowing, whether it be through dance, taking a long walk, stretching, surfing, etc. Something that you really enjoy doing.
  5. Eat a nourishing breakfast before 9am

Slow Elimination Diet: Phase 1 (3 weeks)

  1. Sugar (especially processed sugar and sugar derivatives like high fructose corn syrup). Raw honey and dates are better alternatives in moderation.
  2. Dairy (organic ghee or butter is ok)
  3. Caffeine
  4. Alcohol
  5. Wheat gluten
  6. Vegetable oils such as sunflower, safflower, canola, etc. Replace with ghee, cold-pressed olive oil (do not heat), cold-pressed coconut oil (small amounts) or cold-pressed avocado oil. Note: most nut milks use these vegetable oils and are high in sugar.
  7. All processed foods with chemical additives and preservatives.

Nutrient Absorption:

  1. Eat in balance with your physical activity. Listen to your body in terms of when you need to eat, how much and what. Take pleasure in eating slowly, chewing well and enjoying your food.
  2. Ideally make lunch the biggest meal of the day, eaten when the sun is highest in the sky, while digestive fire is strong.
  3. Avoid mixing protein and carbohydrates. Eat protein alone with veggies or carbs alone with veggies. Fruit is best on an empty stomach.
  4. Do not combine fluids with food. Wait 30 minutes after drinking to eat and wait 2 hours after eating to drink (unless it's fruit, which only needs about 30 minutes to digest).
  5. Drink fresh spring water or a quality local water (Luso is good).


Body Journal:

  • Take short notes throughout the day of anything you ingest (food, liquids, herbs, medicine, etc).
  • Notice your bodily sensations, such as tension, relaxation, heavy, energized, etc. and what is going on around you while sensing these things.
  • Note parts of the body where you may hold tension or certain breathing patterns.
  • Pay attention to how you feel around certain people and environments.
  • Track your sleep patterns

These are simple observations to jot down throughout the day with an objective perspective. As if you are observing an organism's activity without trying to change anything.

Monitoring the Kidneys and Lymph:

Don't eat for drink anything for 12 hrs (19h - 7h).

Pee in a cup - if the urine is cloudy and has sediment, that is a good sign that your kidneys are processing lymphatic waste. If the urine is clear, it is a sign that the lymphatic system is blocked up and kidneys need support.

Do this every couple weeks.

Harmony Tincture:

INGREDIENTS: Calendula flower, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus flower, Wormwood, Licorice root, extract of Orange peel and Tulsi, flower essences of Dandelion, Morning Glory, Daffodil, Crocus, Petunia, Lilac, Sunflower and Pearl.
1:1 - Wildcrafted, artisanal Medronho menstruum

*All ingredients are responsibly wildcrafted or organic, and prepared biodynamically.

SUGGESTED USE: Take daily, be consistent. Mix with juice, water or tea.

DOSAGE: 30-60 drops, 2-3 times daily.

PROPER CARE: Best stored in a cool, dry area.

50 ml

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